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Casimir van der Byl joined McVean Trading and Investments, LLC in September 2013 as a grain and oilseed analyst. His initial research focused on the grain complex, which further evolved into global oilseeds and their products such as soybean oil and meal.  Given the fundamental nature of the research, he has travelled extensively throughout the agricultural regions of Europe, Africa, North and South America.  During these research tours, Casimir continued to expand and add to a diverse network of primary and proprietary contacts. While at McVean, his trading has been predominantly grain and oilseed centric, augmented by positions in livestock and cotton.

Casimir is a native of South Africa, where he grew up on the family grain and livestock farm in the Western Cape. After completing high school in Cape Town and before beginning his formal studies, he spent 9 months predominantly learning the Spanish language and interning for Vina Santa Rita, a South American wine conglomerate in Santiago, Chile. Casimir holds a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland).  Prior to graduation, he spent two summers working as a buy-side equity analyst for various European hedge funds and interned for McVean in Memphis and with our international consultants in Geneva.

Casimir is an avid polo player, speaks fluent English, German, Afrikaans, and advanced Spanish and French.  

Phone: 901-761-8433


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Casimir van der Byl

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