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About Us

McVean Trading and Investments, LLC is a Futures Commission Merchant based in Memphis, Tennessee. Formed in the fall of 1986 with Charles McVean as the major stockholder, it now retains 80 employees and associated persons, including professional traders, analysts, and support staff.

The firm’s current focus is position trading specializing in the meat, grain, and financial markets, both international and domestic. 


McVean Trading’s differentiating factors include proprietary research, specialization in agricultural and livestock markets, years of trading expertise, professional money management, and investment portfolio diversification.

As a commodities investment firm, we emphasize that the risks involved in investing in commodity futures are substantial; only speculative capital should be invested. 

We currently serve 2,300 accounts with equity in excess of $454 million (as of July 31, 2022). Most accounts are managed under a “discretionary” agreement wherein your trader exercises trading control. Each trader independently establishes his/her own investment requirements. 


Confirmation of every trade executed for your account will be either mailed or emailed to you on the next business day after the purchase/sale; you will also receive monthly summary statements. Up-to-the-minute account balances can be provided over the phone via 1-800-374-1937.


A futures trading account offers higher liquidity than many other investments. Generally, we can wire a portion of your account funds to your bank within 24 hours of your request. However, under certain market conditions, it may be difficult or impossible to liquidate a position. This can occur, for example, when the market reaches a daily price fluctuation limit (“limit move”).


At the end of each year, the open domestic positions in your account are "marked to market" to determine a year-end value. Capital gains or losses on domestic futures trading are treated as 60% long-term and 40% short-term. In general, domestic commodity losses may be "carried back" three years to offset commodity gains. As always, your tax advisor should be consulted for specific information.


We do not charge front-end fees nor participate in any profits earned. For non-retirement accounts, McVean Trading is compensated on a per-contract commission basis. Retirement accounts are charged a monthly fee based on equity. With the exception of IRA custodian, foreign exchange, and clearing and execution fees, there are no other charges or fees assessed against your account. 


McVean Trading & Investments, LLC is registered with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a futures commission merchant. We are a member of the National Futures Association, a self-regulatory organization for the futures industry.



Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. 

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