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January 10, 1942 - June 6, 2021

Charles D. McVean was Chairman Emeritus of McVean Trading & Investments, LLC.

Mr. McVean graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University. He began his trading career in the grain industry, first with Cook Industries of Memphis, TN, and then with the Louis Dreyfus Corporation of New York City, both major international grain-trading firms.

Returning to Memphis in 1974, Mr. McVean joined REFCO Inc., one of the largest commodity brokerage/research firms in the world, and focused his attention on cattle trading. He went on to become one of three principals of the firm. Mr. McVean founded McVean Trading and Investments, LLC with Mike Wharton in 1986 and served as Chairman until his retirement.

 His leadership and strategic vision was the foundation for the firm’s success.

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Charles D. McVean

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