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End of an Era

Jun 6, 2021

Today, it is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Charles McVean, founder, Chairman and CEO of McVean Trading and Investments, LLC. I had the privilege of meeting Charlie 32 year ago and joining the firm as his Chief Economist 29 years ago this week. It is an honor to have had him as a mentor. Charlie had an unbridled lust for life and was on a permanent quest for knowledge to make life better for his clients, his colleagues and his community. His influence spread well beyond his legendary career in futures trading. He was a serial entrepreneur and caring philanthropist. Charlie never saw a problem that he could not solve or a battle that he would not undertake if he felt it was right. He loved to argue, fight, cajole -- but most critically persisted, persisted, persisted to overcome the most intractable of barriers in his efforts to make his world a better place. He simply refused to hear no – and often prevailed! His landmarks are many – McVean Trading, now in its 33rd year; Peer Power, enhancing thousands of Memphis High School students lives; The Big River Crossing over the Harahan Bridge; and his recent elevation as a Master Entrepreneur at the Memphis Society of Entrepreneurs. Like many who knew him, I benefitted from the wisdom he shared and the wide circle of friends he generated with his charismatic personality. While I will mourn with his firm, friends and family, he would prefer that we all fight on in his memory to do our best – and then a little bit more – to improve all the lives around us.

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