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Robert Gardner, III, a lifelong Memphian and graduate of the University of Georgia, Terry School of Business, joined McVean Trading and Investments, LLC in August 2006. He began his career as a hog analyst. Robert’s focus is on the livestock markets, predominantly lean hogs. In 2011, Robert began publishing a weekly newsletter concentrating on the hog market, which he still currently distributes to industry participants. Robert began trading customer funds in May 2009.  He uses a balanced approach to trading which includes short-term and medium-term fundamental analysis, assessing technical indicators, managed money flows, and market sentiment. In addition to trading lean hog contracts, Robert also trades in the cattle, grain, and oilseed markets.  He is an integral part of the McVean research department, particularly in the pork area.

Phone: 901-761-8443


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Robert Gardner, III

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