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Investment Professionals


A veteran of the pork industry, Steve Morrissey heads McVean Trading’s pork complex research team. Steve provides McVean Trading with valuable information concerning slaughter specifics, production concerns, feeding operations, and retail sales. He gained hands-on experience by working on his family’s Midwest hog and grain production operation as well as the Peoria Stockyards in Peoria, Ill. Steve brought his pork-industry expertise when he joined Charlie McVean at the livestock desk at REFCO, Inc., and again when McVean Trading was formed in 1986. Prior to joining REFCO, Steve spent seven years as a field representative with two purebred swine organizations: the American Yorkshire Club and the American Landrace Association. During this period, he developed substantial contacts throughout the major hog production areas of the Midwest and Southeast. Steve attended Illinois State University and majored in agricultural economics.

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Steve Morrissey


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