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Taylor Fenton



Taylor Fenton has been with McVean Trading and Investments, LLC since the spring of 2013 researching cattle and beef markets. Taylor, who was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in food animal science from Murray State University. There he learned the basic principles and fundamentals of the cattle industry from start to finish.  Taylor’s experience did not only accumulate in the classroom; he worked for the university farm learning hands-on cow herd management as well as feeder cattle grazing techniques that ultimately prepared him the most for his professional career.

Immediately after graduate school, Taylor worked for a sizable order buying operation that specialized in selling feeder and stocker calves as well as forward contracting yearling cattle.  It was here that he was mentored by some of the most veteran professionals in the industry. This experience allowed Taylor to begin to blend his fundamental knowledge with the futures market and become more proficient in the risk management aspect of the business.  This line of work also allowed him to build an extensive network of contacts in the industry from cow calf producers to feedlot operators.


During his time at McVean, Taylor has extensively travelled and spent time in the major feed-yard areas of the central United States, as well as tours of South America.  While becoming an essential part of the McVean research team, Taylor has traded a portfolio focused predominantly on livestock futures and options, but has also included some grains and softs. 

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